Magnificent powdered Haussmannian apartment

REF. 1925 | LYON 69000 | 250 sqm

Large Haussmannian apartment with different decorative atmospheres

This magnificent Haussmannian apartment of 250 sqm is located in the center of Lyon and will be able to accommodate your shootings, shootings or professional events.

It includes about ten rooms with very different and warm atmospheres which will allow you to have many possibilities in the same space for the shootings. There are 8 treatment and consultation rooms, 1 large lounge, 1 office, 1 small kitchen and 1 relaxation room.

This place is available only on weekends because it is a professional place in activity during the week.


REF. 1925

Magnificent powdered Haussmannian apartment en détails

  • Type of location : Apartment
  • Type of use : Film shooting, Meeting, Press release, Product presentation, Shooting
  • Environment : Urban
  • Style : Classic
  • Amount of rooms : 10
  • Surface : 250 sqm

Other criteria

  • antique wood floor : Yes
  • Natural light : Yes
Magnificent powdered Haussmannian apartment

Why did we select it? 

We chose it for its typical Haussmanian architecture (wooden floors, marble fireplaces, moldings) updated with contemporary furniture. It has been designed as a place of aesthetic and pleasant well-being. Each room has its own atmosphere with its colored walls, which allows you to have many possibilities for your shots.

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