Villa d’architecte avec son dôme en verrière

REF. 1745 | Seine-Saint-Denis 93000 | 250 sqm

Atypical loft house located in the suburbs of Paris

This contemporary loft house offers an original and upscale architecture with its glass dome.

It offers 250 m² of charm in an authentic decor.

Composed of a large living room with dining room, lounge and kitchen, the house can accommodate all your shooting projects.

REF. 1745

Villa d’architecte avec son dôme en verrière en détails

  • Type of location : Atypical place, House, Loft
  • Type of use : Film shooting, Shooting, Video clip
  • Environment : Atypique, Urban
  • Style : Contemporary, Luxurious, Modern
  • Amount of rooms : 5
  • Surface : 250 sqm
  • Main room surface : 95 sqm

Other criteria

  • Floor : 1
  • Terrace : 1
  • Car access : Yes
  • Parking : 2 parking spots
  • View : Sur le jardin
  • Natural light : Yes
Villa d’architecte avec son dôme en verrière

Why did we select this place?

This property has a unique architecture with its domed glass roof that brings a lot of light to each space as well as the mezzanine and a futuristic style to the exterior.

This property benefits from very nice amenities including a jacuzzi and an open kitchen all in marble.

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