Yacht Côte d’Azur

REF. 2082 | MONACO 98000 | 0 sqm

Located on the outskirts of Monaco, this yacht offers a modern and luxurious decoration in one of the most prized bays in the world.

With a total of 7 rooms, the boat is composed of 2 living rooms with benches, 3 bedrooms, 2 with double beds and 1 with 2 single beds. Several sunbeds are also available.

The yacht can accommodate up to a dozen people seated and a dozen people standing. It will be ideal for your shootings, your filmings or your small professional events.

REF. 2082

Yacht Côte d’Azur en détails

  • Type of location : Boat / houseboat
  • Type of use : Film shooting, Meeting, Press release, Product presentation, Shooting, Video clip
  • Environment : Sea side
  • Style : Luxurious
  • Amount of rooms : 7

Other criteria

  • Access to water : No
  • Natural light : Yes
Yacht Côte d’Azur
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